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XL Luna Bean Casting Kit For the Whole Family
Luna Bean Keepsake Hands -XL- Plaster Statue Kit
Teen Sibling Group Hand Casting XL
Luna Bean Keepsake Hands -XL- Plaster Statue Kit
Luna Bean Keepsake Hands -XL- Plaster Statue Kit
Luna Bean Keepsake Hands -XL- Plaster Statue Kit

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands -XL- Plaster Statue Kit


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Luna Bean Casting Kit - XL Hands Plaster Statue Kit

  • Everything you need to create your one-of-a-kind family hand casting statue is included in the kit.
  • This super-sized Luna Bean casting kit has double the materials of our standard Keepsake Hands Kit.
  • Perfect if you want more hands in the mix!
  • The finished statue makes great art decor for anywhere in the house.


Create a casting of one of the following groups: 
  • 2 Larger-Than-Average Adult Hands
  • 3-4 Adult Hands*
  • Family Hands (2 Adult Hands Plus 1-4 Children)
  • 3-6+ Children under age 12

*It is possible to cast more than 4 full-size adult hands if they will fit in the casting bucket. However, it is more difficult to remove the mold from the bucket as most of what will be inside is inflexible stone. If you choose to cast more than 4 adult hands, be extra careful and patient when removing the casting stone-filled mold from the bucket.

Included with this kit:
  • Durable plastic molding bucket
  • Molding powder
  • Casting stone
  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding screen
  • De-molding stick
  • Plastic spoon
  • Detailing pin
  • Detailed instructions

Refills: to create an additional statue. A refill contains both Step 1 and Step 2 powders. One refill can be added to this complete kit at a discount - see selections above. For more refills, see the Casting Supplies category.

Other Items Needed: Large rubber spatula or large whisk (preferred) for mixing molding material, liquid measuring cup, glass or disposable bowl for mixing casting stone.

Making the Mold: The molding material is cool setting, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Wiggling is not a problem as long the hands remain submerged in the molding material until it sets. The set time is about 4-5 minutes, which includes the mixing time.

Molding Bucket Dimensions: Approximately 10" Tall and 10" in diameter. If the bucket is not the correct shape or size for your project and you are familiar with lifecasting, consider our Bulk Supplies.

Sealing the Final Cast: Painting and/or sealing your completed statue is not required, but it is recommended if it will be handled a lot. We have included a few of our most popular finishes. [Temporarily unavailable.] All finishes come with a paintbrush. With the acrylic paints, the first thin coat works as a primer and it is best to apply 1-2 thin coats on top of that. The triple thick glaze and the matte sealant are best when applied in 2 thin layers. A simple, yet effective, sealant is PVA glue and water.  PVA glue is school or craft glue such as Elmer's.  Mix with about 50% water and apply (use more water if it doesn't seem thin enough). This will leave it as natural as possible as well as sealed.

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