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Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Info Page

Thank you for choosing Luna Bean couples and -XL- family kits! 

Video demo below ...  The video shows the Keepsake Hands kit in use, but the same steps also apply to the -XL- kit.

Printable Instructions: Keepsake Hands,  Keepsake Hands (Spanish),  -XL-

Helpful Reminders:

  • Temperature affects the set time of Step 1. Warmer temps speed up the set time. Colder temps slow down the set time. For an average set time of about 6 minutes, use cool water (70-75F). Be mindful of external heat sources such as mixing near an oven or fireplace, etc. If you want as much time as possible before the material sets, use refrigerator chilled water.
  • Drain all excess water from the mold prior to pouring Step 2. If there is water inside the mold when Step 2 is poured, it will be pushed to the outside of the final cast and form "runners" or "little rivers" that appear to be cracks on the surface where the water once was (before it evaporated).
  • To ensure a final casting that is "clean," wash hands thoroughly before making the mold and keep the mold covered while waiting to pour the casting stone. 
  • Allow the completed cast to dry thoroughly and efficiently by placing in front of a fan and near as much natural light as possible (but not in direct sunlight).  Be sure air flow can reach all areas ... including the base ... and rotate periodically.


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