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Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Info Page

Thank you for choosing Luna Bean kits! 

Video demo below ...

Helpful hints for the summer months:

Now that summer is in full swing, we start to see a few more customers having trouble with set times. For both steps, heat can cause the mixes to set a little (or sometimes a lot) faster than you expect.  The more heat, the quicker it will set. See the tips below to avoid set time frustrations:
  • If you are using the kit outdoors, be aware of the ambient temperature.  If it is 75F or more outside (or even inside), those warmer temperatures will speed up the set times of both steps. It is best to avoid those temps, but if you cannot, use the coldest water possible and even chill the powders ahead of time. Then still be prepared to work a little faster and have a little less time than stated in the instructions.
  • If the kit was just taken from a hot car or hot porch/box, etc, be sure to bring it inside and allow it to get to room temperature or cooler before using.


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