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Craft Wrap™ Plaster Bandages 4in x 5yds - Master Case of 72 Rolls
Craft Wrap™ Plaster Bandages 4in x 5yds - Master Case of 72 Rolls

Craft Wrap™ Plaster Bandages 4in x 5yds - Master Case of 72 Rolls


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Craft Wrap Master Case - Bulk Packaged - 72 Rolls
  • Master Case pack of 72 individual Craft Wrap™ plaster bandage rolls (6 packs of 12)
  • Each roll is individually sealed in a plastic sleeve, but are not labeled for individual resale or distribution.
  • For use in crafts, scenery, belly casting or for use in conjunction with the alginate to provide a support shell for surface casting (face, outer leg/arms, etc).
  • These are the same high quality rolls that are supplied in all of our belly cast kits. 4inch x 5yds;
  • Bright White; Extra Creamy; 5-8 Minute (fast) Set Each roll is individually packaged.
  • Does not heat up against the skin.

They are the best quality casting rolls we have found available on the market. These are the same rolls that are included in our popular belly cast kits. Our plaster casting material contains a fine cotton gauze and generous amounts of gypsum. When activated with water and applied, it is creamy and able to capture all the fine details of the casting subject. The combination of the fine gauze and generous amounts of gypsum allows the caster to get an incredibly smooth finish during the casting itself. Our casting material is quick setting to minimize the amount of time the subject needs to sit and wait for the casting material to dry. Our casting material can be used for many other projects! We tested both medical-grade casting material and artist's casting material in our testing process. We chose the artist's casting material over the medical-grade casting material because the artist's casting material makes a smoother cast due to the finer cotton gauze and more generous and creamier gypsum contained on the cotton gauze. The medical-grade casting material uses a coarser gauze and there is not as much gypsum contained on the gauze. It also dries a more off-white color than the artist's casting material. The casting material is made from 100% natural materials and is non-toxic and safe to use on mom's skin. There is no heat reaction when applied to mom's skin unlike bulk plaster of paris that can be purchased in a hobby or home improvement store.

[Promotional coupons generally do not apply to this master case. However, a 5% automatic discount is applied when 2 or more cases are purchased.]

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