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Luna Bean Create a Mold Alginate 25lb Case
Luna Bean Create-a-Mold Alginate

Luna Bean Create-A-Mold LifeCast Alginate Molding Powder - 25lb Case (Step 1)


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Contents: 25 - 1lb foil pouches of our superior quality Luna Bean Create-A-Mold™ life casting craft alginate molding powder*

Save 25% by ordering a full case. (Shipping Included!)  Regular price per unit: $11.95

There is no need for timing with this unique color changing formula. The mixture changes from lavender to pink while mixing and turns white when it is ready for molding.

  • Set time: 6-8 minute average. [The exact time is dependent upon water temperature & water amount.] 
  • Color-changing [Changes from pink to white as it sets]
  • Alginate Based; Non-Toxic; Hypo-Allergenic
  • Crystalline Silica Free
  • Once opened, expires approximately 3yrs from date of purchase. (The specific date will be provided on the label). If left in the foil bag, that time is at least double.

Yield per 1 lb of Powder: About 9 cups (72 fl.oz. or 2.15L) of material

Average Mix Ratio: 3.5 to 1 (water to powder) by weight [OR about a 1 to 1ratio by volume if the powder is not compressed or packed when measured]

If purchasing stone to go with this, the following is an estimate: you will need about equal amounts (by weight) for infant castings and double the amounts for adult hands. Other types of castings usually fall somewhere in between. Basic mixing directions included. Note: If you will be mixing more than 1lb at one time, it is best to use a small mechanical (preferably electric) hand mixer of some sort.

* Note: This is a molding compound manufactured and labeled for use in the arts and crafts industry. For an alginate formula intended for use as a dental product, please contact a medical or dental supplier.

[Promotional retail coupons do not apply to this master case. However, a 10% automatic discount is applied when 2 or more cases are purchased.]

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