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From where do you ship?

Shipping options

Can I send a kit directly to my friend as a gift?

Luna Bean Casting Information

What is the overall molding and casting procedure?

What type of molding material (Step 1) is provided and how does it work?

How do I get my hand out of the mold?

Is the mold reusable?

Can I wear my wedding ring or other jewelry during the casting process?

Will the molding process harm my ring?

What if I have long finger nails?

What if my child wiggles or moves during the 3D molding process?

How safe are your products considering they may be used on an infant?

What type of casting stone (Step 2) is supplied with the kits?

What are the setting and drying times of the casting stone?

I broke off a finger when demolding the statue. Can this be repaired?

I think I see spots on my cast after it dried for a couple days. What is it?

What should I use to seal my cast? Do I need to seal it?

I want to purchase bulk materials. How do I determine what I need?

Can I use this the kits on my pet?

I lost my instructions. How much water do I mix with the powder?

Do you have MSDS documents?

Are the left over materials from the kit recyclable?

Step 1 (or Step 2) is stuck to my clothes, carpet, wedding ring, utensils, etc. How do I get it out?

Belly Casting Information

What is a belly cast and what do I do with it when finished?

Is a belly cast difficult to make?

When do most moms make a belly cast?

How do I include arms and/or hands in the belly cast?

How to support your breasts during the casting?

How to include thighs in the casting?

What is the best way to trim the edges of the belly cast?

Can I reinforce thin areas of the belly cast?

How do I get the belly cast to look smooth?

How do I add a shiny finish to the belly cast?

How do I hang the belly cast on the wall?

Air Dry Clay Information

For how long is the clay good? Will it dry out before I use it?

What do I need to do to prepare the clay?

How do I dry the clay? Do I bake it?

Do I need to seal or paint the clay?

Can I use the kits on my pet?

Clay Preparation & Drying Tips

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